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Mimi Kamariah Law Series: Past, Present and Future is a continuation of the first edition of Siri Undang-Undang Mimi
Kamariah: Akta Kanak-Kanak 2001
which was published in 2002 in memory of the late Professor Dato’ Dr Mimi
Kamariah Majid. It was the first book in Malaysia that had discussed the new Child Act 2001 back then. It was followed
by the second book in 2010 which was entitled Mimi Kamariah Law Series: Impact of Law on Family Institutions.
As the third edition, this book discusses selected issues relating to the children in Malaysia in accordance to the Child
Act 2001. It will look at how the implementation of the Act for almost 20 years has affected the welfare of the children and
at the same time, it is timely to discuss the development of the Child Act 2001 after the recent amendment in 2016.

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