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I applaud all authors for sharing part of their journey in public, and let’s use this opportunity to reconstruct a more
ethical community.
Darryl Macer, PhD, Hon.D., MPH,
President, American University of Sovereign Nations (AUSN),Arizona
Director, Eubios Ethics Institute New Zealand, Japan and Thailand

COVID-19 is transforming our way of life with incredible speed. We are moving into a new province fraught with risks and uncertainties. at said, e Covid-19 and Social Sciences: Seeing from the Global South is a penetrating
Volume that sets out just how we function and thereby pinpoint ndings, theories, and practical guidance to empower our community and us. It is an easy-to-read Manual, a legislative guide, and a wide-ranging action plan.
In all leading universities in Asia, this Volume should, in all probability, be a standard text.
Professor Dr. Mohd Aminul Karim
Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), Dhaka

In the southern context, this Volume is unique to be text.
Professor Joseph Wronka
Springeld College, USA

Perhaps, this book is a conduit for academicians to rethink everything in the New Normal.
A Rakhain
Indigenous Educationist and Leader of Bangladesh

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