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This coffee table book is the culmination of joint efforts by Blue Communities’ (Malaysian case study) researchers, local communities, Sabah Parks, WWF Malaysia, and many more, to take you on a journey to appreciate the hidden wonders of Tun Mustapha Park, Sabah, which is the first and largest multiple-use marine protected area in Malaysia.
    Curated with stunning photographs of people and the natural wonders within the marine park, readers will gain insights into the diverse environment and life of the residents in the Tun Mustapha Park, and various conservation efforts and research activities. Also, chance to read the stories of eight local champions who safeguard the rich natural and cultural heritage of Tun Mustapha Park through their passions for nature conservation, women’s livelihood, and education.
    This book is a celebration of the faces and natural wonders of the uniquely magnificent Tun Mustapha Park, highlighting the protection of the shared heritage as a collective responsibility.

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