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The financial technologies (Fintech) phenomenon has generated a lot of interest among businesses and societies. Nevertheless, there is a scarcity of publication that can better inform both groups. Many of the related publications focus on a single type of Fintech. In addition, they are either too technical or lack the technical aspects altogether. Moreover, the large majority of the publications focus on the implementation in the more developed economies.

This book intends to give a more general and holistic view of Fintech. As a result, only selected topics and technologies that have attracted the most attention were included: cashless payments, blockchain, cryptocurrencies, robo-advisor, and digital funding. Each topic and technology is carefully defined, the technology behind it dissected, the related rules and regulations discussed, and the challenges facing its implementation, especially in Malaysia, explored. It is the authors' hope that the book's coverage will benefifit a larger number of stakeholders such as businesses, regulators, Fintech researchers, and the general public.

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