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Visitors to the campus rarely, if at all, get a chance to take in all of the natural attractions that the campus has to offer. In fact, it would be safe to say that most visitors would not even notice the rich natural heritage of the campus.

The bio-diversity found in its 373-hectare area, encompassing the 80 hectare Rimba Ilmu, includes almost 1700 species of plants and more than ninety species of birds, not to mention the macaques, squirrels and monitor lizards and the wide array of insects.

Although it must have crossed many people’s minds throughout Universiti Malaya’s history, since it moved back to Kuala Lumpur after the split with the National University of Singapore, a book to introduce and showcase the natural assets of the campus has never been professionally produced.

The Universiti Malaya Press has finally commissioned such a book. A publication that would introduce and showcase the lushness of UM’s natural world in a manner that would be for both general reading and keepsake.

This would be for those new to UM, those where UM was a delightful visit and those who have been touched by UM.

Written by one of the world’s renowned natural biologists and featuring arresting photos accumulated from years of dedicated interest, the book is also a reminder of things as it was when it no longer is.

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