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Malaysian Indian Community’s Socioeconomic Development: Issues and Challenges edited by Dr. Velan Kunjuraman is a captivating and comprehensive collection of papers that provides deep insights into the socioeconomic challenges and contributions of the Malaysian Indian (MI) community. Since Malaysia gained independence in 1957, the MI community has played a vital role in the nation’s development, particularly in the economy. However, despite their significant contributions, they have faced disparities and a lack of equal opportunities.

This thought-provoking book sheds light on the struggles and obstacles that the MI community has endured throughout the years. It examines the wealth distribution disparities, highlighting the pronounced inequality among the Indian community, and addresses issues of discrimination in education, employment, access to funding and suicide prevention. The book emphasizes the limited academic literature on the topic, as well as the lack of active research by Malaysian Indian scholars, making it a groundbreaking and essential contribution to the field.

The contributors of this book offer a comprehensive understanding of the socioeconomic challenges faced by the MI community and provide insightful policy recommendations to overcome these obstacles and foster a more equitable society. By documenting the challenges and highlighting the contributions of the MI community, the book aims to raise awareness among readers and policymakers, inspiring positive change and ensuring equal opportunities for future generations.

This book stands as a compelling resource that uncovers the oftenunheard stories and struggles of the MI community. It calls for action and endeavors to create a future where the MI community thrives and enjoys equitable socioeconomic progress in Malaysia.

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