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Youth Wave: Young People and Politics In Malaysia explores the diverging patterns of youth political participation in Malaysia and finds that young people are not apathetic towards politics, preferring instead, low-risk, more diffused forms of everyday engagement like online activism, political discussions, etc. The book also sheds light on whether patterns of youth political participation in Malaysia are similar to those in established democracies. Young Malaysians tend to participate in both conventional and unconventional forms of participation less than their older counterparts, and the findings from the interviews complement these insights, as young people explain and make sense of their participation in politics.

NORHAFIZA MOHD HED, PhD (University of Sheffield) is a Senior Lecturer in Politics at the Department of Malaysian Studies, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris, Malaysia. Her research focuses on the patterns of youth political (dis)engagement, particularly in Malaysia and the Southeast Asia region. She has authored several articles on comparative politics, youth politics and social movements.

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