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While the Covid-19 pandemic begins to slowly glide past the horizon, it continues to remind us of its pervasive, enduring existence in our everyday lives in many other ways. Its long reach into the present and future of Malaysia has impacted education, governance, and vulnerable people in the country. In an original and reflective look back at what Malaysia has endured, this book compiles works from diverse scholars in the social sciences and humanities, in an attempt to articulate the many pandemic-related pressing matters that have yet to be addressed.

Through the lenses of social scientists and humanities scholars, the chapters of this book delve into underrepresented issues pertaining to Covid-19 that lie beyond the scope of medicine and public health, altogether unpacking, problematising and investigating the lived realities of other forgotten centres in Malaysia. This is a book that is recommended to scholars, students, and the curious public eager to learn more about the many lesser-known impacts of Covid-19, and how the social sciences and humanities can help us understand social issues that are consequential to security and healthcare.

In a series of insightful, bold, and at times heartbreaking discussions into life at the time of Corona, “Revisiting Covid-19 in Malaysia” offers new and important ways people and states react and adapt to life and what they must do to survive.

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