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The latest disruptive innovation that has brought a potential changes and revolution in existing higher education system is Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOC is one of the acceptances and advantages of OER activity in Malaysia. Students can select what they want to learn, like customized learning. They attend their class at home, by watching video, answering questions, quizzes via online learning. Hence, MOOC is a new form of online learning with technology enhancement that provides open training and instruction to all global students without charges and is recently a new trending of personalized learning situations either at colleges or higher education institutions. The instantaneous development of MOOC offers the universities with a platform to deliver learning contents with innovation, explore new pedagogical experience and flexible learning paths in Malaysia.

This book mainly provides key success factors, management strategies and sustainable development of MOOC implementation in Malaysia. The book also introduces the higher education system in Malaysia, including online learning, distance learning, and electronic learning which are integrated and implemented in the higher education institutions. Through discussions of online learning and MOOC implementation in worldwide instead of Malaysia, the book navigates the key success factors, issues, and challenges of MOOC implementation.

The book also describes the MOOC initiatives and status of implementation from multiple case studies and scholar reports. By analyzing the MOOC initiative in Malaysia, the book offers insights of government policies, management strategies for a successful MOOC implementation. The chapters also offer the theoretical and practical implications of MOOC implementation in Malaysian higher education system. The valuable contributions of other scholars’ studies will be described and MOOC implementation toward sustainability development for globalize Malaysian education system are discussed.

This book may represent a limiting but important factors for the implementation of MOOC in Malaysian universities. The MOOC providers and senior management team may gain some valuable insights to manage, organize and think carefully to provide appropriate and good quality of MOOC in Malaysian universities as it will be used by the students globally.

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