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Deepen the Ties: A Multi-dimensional Perspective of Malaysia-Türkiye Relations is a comprehensive and insightful work that delves into the often overlooked similarities and historical connections between Malaysia and Türkiye. Despite being separated by thousands of kilometres and differing state structures, these two newly industrialised and predominantly Muslim countries share significant commonalities. This book explores their shared regional influences, projected global roles, and long history of cooperation. From the encounters between the Malay Sultanate and the Ottoman Empire to the present-day strengthening of bilateral relations, this book highlights the various aspects of their relationship and its potential for future growth.

With eighteen chapters divided into four distinct themes, this collaborative work brings together renowned academicians and practitioners to provide a comprehensive analysis of Malaysia-Türkiye relations. It will serve as a valuable resource for scholars and researchers interested in the relationship between Malaysia and Türkiye, as well as in any international affairs. By addressing the historical basis of their connection, current practices in various fields, and prospects for future development, it offers a comprehensive understanding of the evolving relationship between these two influential nations. This book facilitates a wider reach, enabling readers from around the world to gain insights into the unique connection between these Muslim-majority countries. As Malaysia and Türkiye continue to collaborate, the book highlights the challenges and promises they face, offering a nuanced perspective on their efforts on the global stage.

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