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Embark on an enlightening journey with the tome “Economics Made Simple for the Pandemic Era,” scrupulously crafted to disentangle the often-complex tapestry of economic thought for the layperson. Set against the extraordinary backdrop of a global health crisis, this volume offers a pertinent and timely dissection of the economic principles that underpin our lives, thoughtfully tailored for those seeking clarity and relevance in a world reshaped by pandemic forces.

Authored in accessible, jargon-free language, the manual illuminates the core of economic theories, revealing their direct influence on market behaviour, policymaking, and personal decisions. It extends an invitation to view our world through the critical lenses of supply and demand, government intervention, and market dynamics, all while employing relatable, concrete examples and analytical studies that resonate with a broad readership.

Delve into the intricacies of microeconomics, with engrossing explorations into the aviation and protective glove industries, uncovering the market’s hidden machinations, even in the midst of global upheaval. Investigate the direct effects of price ceilings instituted by authorities during the crisis, with an in-depth examination of the oscillations within the rice and labour markets in Asian economies.

Your journey progresses onto the wide avenues of macroeconomic reflection, discerning how a nation’s well-being is measured beyond the confines of GDP in the shadow of COVID-19. Understand how the differing economic revival stories of China and India illuminate the varied economic responses to the fiscal disturbances wrought by the pandemic.

The book then accentuates the vital role of government-led strategies in times of economic recession. By analysing the fiscal and monetary policies of China in contrast to the ASEAN 5, it provides key insights into the pathways towards recovery and economic resilience.

“Economics Made Simple for the Pandemic Era” is more than a primer on economic concepts; it is a conduit connecting them to the pressing issues of our time, making it an essential read for anyone keen to unravel the economic strands of these pandemic-dominated days. With each page turned, prepare for an awakening of economic awareness that is as seamlessly intelligible as it is profoundly consequential.

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