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Embark on a transformative exploration of ageing with “Ageing PEACE-fully: Insights and Narratives from PEACE.” Unveiling the untold stories of elder abuse, this book blends
expert insights and real-life narratives, shedding light on the nature of this global dilemma and the harsh realities faced by victims. The chapters delve into research evidence on physical wellbeing
in old age from the challenges of frailty to the nuances of chronic pain, and help readers understand the realm of health in late life while discovering practical insights into the promotion of
physical well-being. In addition, authors diligently explore the intricate web of social support that weaves through the fabric of elderhood and the art of caregiving for older adults. Our study
findings and creative pieces will surely resonate with every reader, connecting us through our collective experiences and conscience. Whether you are an expert or an older adult or a caregiver,
or just someone curious about growing old and longevity, ‘Ageing PEACE-fully’ is your door towards understanding this remarkable – yet challenging - phenomenon. Immerse yourself in this precious
edition that describes the unique Malaysian perspective of ageing and attempts to promote not merely healthy – but peaceful – ageing.

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