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Pengucapan Awam dan Kemahiran Persembahan
Buku ini membincangkan elemen-elemen untuk menghasilkan ucapan dan kemahiran persembahan yang berkes..
Perihal Orang Melayu
"A MAJOR contribution to peasant studies, Malaysia studies, and the literature on evolutions and cla..
Perusahaan Perikanan di Semenanjung Malaysia
IKAN merupakan sumber alam semulajadi yang boleh berke..
Practical Aspects of Acute Care (1st Edition)
Management of patients in need of acute care can be da..
Rethinking Political Development in Southeast Asia (hard cover)
This book documents the fourth workshop that the foundation has organized with academics in the regi..
Sains, Teknologi, Kesenian & Agama: Perspektif Pelbagai Agama
BUKU INI mengandungi 22 buah esei menarik tentang hubungan antara agama, sains, teknologi dan keseni..
Social Sciences in Malaysia: Intellectual Perspectives
Chapter 1: Historical Issues  Chapter 2: Economic Issues  Chapter 3: Educational Issues&..
Statik Asas, Mekanik Bahan dan Keelastikan
BUKU Statik Asas, Mekanik Pepejal dan Keelastikan ini merupakan gabungan dan tambahan (supplement) k..
Teaching of Reading and Writing for ESL
The concepts and ideas in this book have evolve from working with students, teachers and lecturers i..
The Mah Meri Language: An Introduction
This book is a holistic description of the Mah Meri language from phonology to syntax, extending to ..
The Making of Sabah 1865-1941: The Dynamics of Indigenous Society
The period 1865 to 1941 is crucial to the understanding of Sabah history as it pertains to the vital..
The Rhetoric Dr. Mahathir Mohamad: A Critical Discourse Perspective (hard cover)
The subject of interest in this book is the discourse produced by the former Malaysian Premier and U..
The Seventh Malaysia Plan: Productivity for Sustainable Development
THIS BOOK contains a selection of papers presented at the national convention on the Seventh Malaysi..
The University at Pantai Valley: Glimpses of the past (Hard Cover)
The decade of the sixties, referred to by many, as that glorious decade when Pantai Valley became re..
Transcultural Healing The Whole Human (hard cover)