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A Phenomenological Theory of Islamic Economics
This book is based on the phenomenological exegesis of sections of the Qur’an in relation to morali..
A Study of Alienation in Malaysia
THIS BOOK was written to provide an outline of a piece of research on "Alienation and Women Factory ..
Accountability in the Audit Profession in Malaysia
Amidst Affluence: A Study of an Urban Squatter Settlement and Its Access to Health Care Services
SQUATTER settlements have been a significant feature of towns and cities in this country since Briti..
Applied Economic Issues in Malaysia
The approach taken in this book is to introduce the reader to the key related-issues of the Malaysia..
Asia Resurgent: Transformation Growth and Integration
This book is about the story of Asia’s momentous past half century and the forces that shaped it and..
China's Statistical System: Three Decades of Change and Transformation
China’s Statistical System: Three Decades of Change and Transformation traces the remarkable changes..
Delay and Payment Issues in Construction Projects
A construction project is normally recognised as successful when the aim of the project is achieved..
Dinamisme Kewangan Islam Di Malaysia
Dinamisme Kewangan Islam di Malaysia merupakan koleksi artikel yang disumbangkan oleh para pensyarah..
Eccentric Views on Money and Banking
In essence, this work aims to debunk myths and uncover mysteries veiled by mainstream scholars and e..
Economic Kaleidoscope: Current Issues and Perspectives
Chapter 1: External Shocks and Internal Strategies: Implications for Industrial Production in Klang ..
Evidence-Based Development Economics Essays in Honor of Sanjaya Lall
At a time when governments are looking for new approaches to promote economic development as the fre..
Financing Local Government in Malaysia
Local government finance encompasses a complex series of issues that range from provision of service..
Fiscal Policy and Inequality in Malaysia
This book analyses the distribution of government expenditure by income group, stratum and state. Be..
Industri Francais dan Pembangunan Malaysia, Singapura dan Indonesia : Analisis Strategik (Edisi Kedua)
Bab 1: Pengenalan  Bab 2: Pakej Francais dan Dokumentasinya  Bab 3: Institusi-institusi ..