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Perusahaan Perikanan di Sabah
Perusahaan Perikanan pada Zaman Kesultanan Sulu Perusahaan Perikanan Borneo Utara di bawah Pentadbi..
Real Estate In Malaysia: Challenges, Insights and Issues
Part 1: Introduction  Part 2: Real Estate Policies  Part 3: Real Estate Trends and Cycle..
Redistribution Policies for The Rural Poor of Developing Countries
Benefits of economic development have often been unequally shared by different segments of the popul..
Reflections on Malaysian Economic Policies
This book contains various articles written by Sulaiman Mahbob in the local media, especially in the..
Regional Disparities and Federalism in Malaysia
Chapter 1: Introduction  Chapter 2: Economic Disparities by State  Chapter 3: Social Dis..
Sistem Takaful di Malaysia: Isu- isu Kontemporari
Senarai Rajah  Senarai Jadual  Prakata  Senarai Penyumbang  1) Elemen Riba..
Social Accounting Matrices for Policy Analysis: Database Construction and Modelling
An economy operates as a system of interactions, where industries, households, government and extern..
Statistics in Action
The papers in this book showcase the expertise in applied research of the staff at the Department of..
Stock Market Integration and the Pricing for Regionalism
In the early 1990s the spirit of regionalism has found its way in most continents: EU in Europe, NAF..
Teknologi Menangkap Ikan di Negara Brunei Darussalam 1906-2003
Buku ini membincangkan perkembangan dan perubahan teknologi menangkap ikan di Negara Brunei Darussal..
The Chettiar Role in Malaysia's Economic History
This meticulously researched book represents a noteworthy contribution to our understanding of the ‘..
The Dynamics of South Korea's Relationship with Asia-Pacific
This book presents the dynamism of South Korea’s relationship with Asia-Pacific. The chapters featur..
The Finance Company Industri of Malaysia: Current Status and Future Directions
The Malaysian Financial System: An Overview
Chapter 1: Islamic Banking: Growth and Institutional Framework  Chapter 2: Islamic Banking in ..
Transnational Corporations and Economic Development: A Study of The Malaysian Electronics Industry
THE ROLE of foreign TNCs in the economic development process of the Third World countries has been a..