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The Malaysian Financial System: An Overview
Chapter 1: Islamic Banking: Growth and Institutional Framework  Chapter 2: Islamic Banking in ..
Till Debt Do Us Part: The Growth of the Global Banking Industry and Its Insidious Effect
This book provides a timely reminder of the problems created by the indebtedness of individuals, co..
Transnational Corporations and Economic Development: A Study of The Malaysian Electronics Industry
THE ROLE of foreign TNCs in the economic development process of the Third World countries has been a..
Value Added Estimates of Selected Sector in The National Accounts of Malaysia
THE GROSS domestic product is a yardstick against which many decisions are based; investment plans a..
Value-Added Tax: Country Governance and Economic Efficency
Country governance and economic efficiency plays a prominent role in the government administration a..
Welfare Economics in Malaysia
This book presents theories on welfare economics using easily understood examples commonly found in ..