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Practical Applications of Blended Learning: Teaching and Learning for Higher Education
Rapid advancements in technology has disrupted the way education is delivered. Progressive learning ..
Problem-Based Learning in Medical Sciences
Problem-based learning (PBL) was developed nearly 40 years ago and it has been widely adopted in man..
Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
Important elements like basic public speaking and presentation skills involving how to overcome stag..
Real-Life Dilemmas in Moral Education
Real-life moral dilemmas are conflicts faced by individuals in their daily lives. In teaching Moral ..
Reka Bentuk Elemen dan Sistem Mekanik Edisi Ketiga Jilid II
Reka Bentuk Elemen dan Sistem Mekanik Edisi Ketiga Jilid II telah diubah suai dengan menggunakan ban..
Science & Technology in Malaysia
It is appropriate that a book containing the texts of Inaugural Lectures should be published. It's t..
Social Environmental Accounting Education Issues in Malaysia
The idea of social and environmental responsibility in accounting is partly due to an increased tend..
SRJK (Cina) dalam Sistem Pendidikan Kebangsaan: Dilema dan Kontroversi
Seksyen 21(2) Akta Pelajaran 1961 memberikan kuasa kepada Menteri Pelajaran untuk menukarkan status ..
Strategi Implementasi Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia
Buku ini ditulis untuk memberi panduan kepada para pemimpin pendidikan, guru-guru, pelajar-pelajar, ..
Taman Sensori untuk Kanak-kanak Berkeperluan Khas
Taman Sensori untuk Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas, menyediakan kompilasi garis panduan yang berguna ..
Tamil Palliyen Minnom Nacharatenggal
Education is a lifelong process. Educators who make a difference and touch the lives of students dur..
Teacher Learning in Malaysia: Problems and Possibilities of Reform
This book certainly serves two purposes which is a revelation to the nexus between policy, administr..
Teaching and Learning English in Malaysian Higher Education: Sharing Experience to Improve Practicee
Teaching and Learning English in Malaysian Higher Education contains a compilation of existing ELT p..
Teknologi Dalam Pendidikan Sains Dan Matematik
Teknologi dalam Pendidikan Sains dan Matematik ialah sebuah buku yang mem-bincangkan penggunaan tekn..
TESL Methodology: A Teacher’s Handbook
This book is designed to provide prospective teachers with a comprehensive coverage of general teach..