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Strategi Implementasi Pelan Pembangunan Pendidikan Malaysia
Buku ini ditulis untuk memberi panduan kepada para pemimpin pendidikan, guru-guru, pelajar-pelajar, ..
Strategi Pikat Majikan: Komunikasi Pekerjaan
Buku ini mengandungi maklumat tentang teknik dan strategi komunikasi untuk berjaya dalam dunia peker..
Sukan Dalam Masyarakat Malaysia
Sukan dalam masyarakat Malaysia adalah buku bacaan umum dan ruju-kan untuk para pen-tadbir, pengurus..
Supply Chain Management: Principles, Measurement and Practice
This book explains the supply chain management (SCM) definition, history and how it has become an in..
Tainted Glory
TAINTED GLORY is not merely a fiction but is a true story of bitter episode of life experienced by a..
Taman Sensori untuk Kanak-kanak Berkeperluan Khas
Taman Sensori untuk Kanak-Kanak Berkeperluan Khas, menyediakan kompilasi garis panduan yang berguna ..
The Auctioneer's Guide to Real Estate Auctions in Malaysia
Over the years, there has been an increase in the auctioning activities in Malaysia. However, the a..
The Breast Cancer Survivor`s Guide
The Breast Cancer Survivor’s Guide is a comprehensive workbook, with the emphasis on a partners..
The Contributions of 2014 ALFP Fellows towards Growth and Development
“The Future of Asia, the World and Humanity after Development and Growth’, that was the theme for th..
The Dynamics of South Korea's Relationship with Asia-Pacific
This book presents the dynamism of South Korea’s relationship with Asia-Pacific. The chapters featur..
The Globalisation Debate: A Case of Barking up the Wrong Tree
The debate on the advantages and disadvantages of 'Globalisation' has been going on for many years. ..
The Legacy of MARDEC: Origin, Development and Contributions to the Natural Rubber Industry
This is a valuable book which is a broad exposition unraveling the origin, growth, and privatisation..
The Mousedeer and the Crocodiles: A Malaysian Folktale in 111 Languages
One morning, somewhere in the jungle, a mousedeer was happily wandering under the trees, when it cam..
The University at Pantai Valley: A Glimpses of the Past (Soft Cover)
The decade of the sixties, referred to by many, as that glorious decade when Pantai Valley became re..
The Whirlwind in Educational Management and Policy
This book exposes the current whirlwind thinking on various corporationoriented values that pervade ..