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Health & Medical

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Health Science in Malaysia
It is appropriate that a book containing the texts of Inaugural Lectures should be published. It's t..
Health: Bridging the Gaps, Social Cultural Interpretations of Health
HEALTH: Bridging the Gaps is an analysis of health and health care from a perspective of Health Soci..
Hospital Management
Hospital Management is about practical approach to man..
Imonologi Asas
IMUNOLOGI IALAH satu bidang perubatan dan sains yang sangat penting. Perkembangan bidang tersebut se..
Islam dan Sains Kesihatan: Mudarat dan Manfaat Babi
Perbincangan buku ini tertumpu kepada makhluk babi yang menimbulkan polemik dalam pelbagai isu sama ..
Kemurungan: Punca dan Rawatan
Kemurungan: Punca dan Rawatan menghuraikan sindrom kemurungan mental dan kaedah rawatan untuk menyem..
Learning Physiology Through Practicals
This book would serve to be useful, not only for students, but also for lecturers, tutors and demons..
Making Neurological Diagnosis at the Bedside: A Clinical Guide for Medical Students
This book is based on the personal experience of the author as a neurologist and lecturer for seven ..
Medical Ethics, Etiquette And Law
This contemporary handy book is designed and written for medical students, undergraduate and postgra..
Mental Health in Malaysia: Issues and Concerns
Mental Health In Malaysia has seen substantial growth since independence. As a result, new programs ..
Merokok: Tabiat yang Memerlukan Rawatan
Bab 1: Dadah Nikotin dalam Rokok Bab 2: Kesan Rokok kepada Kesihatan: Punca dan Jenis Penyakit Bab..
Morfologi Gigi: Pengenalan dan Latihan
Morfologi Gigi: Pengenalan dan Latihan mengadungi penjelasan tentang morfologi gigi. Pembelajaran me..
Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
The book is a compilation of various publications which have resulted out of research work conducted..
Notes on Family Health
This book is written to fulfill the need of students to have a textbook in Family Health. There are ..
Organ Shortage in Malaysia: The Public View
The lives of more than 18,000 Malaysian patients who are in the waiting list for organs are under th..