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A Case for A Case : A Qualitative Research Experience
A Case for A Case: A Qualitative Research Experience portrays the writer’s personal experience in co..
A Linguistic Primer for Malaysians
This Linguistic Primer is a basic introduction to linguistics for Malaysian especially those in tert..
A Tapestry of Tamil Poetry Woven in English Thread
This book is an anthology of Tamil poetry in English translation. It is one of its kind at present. ..
Academic Writing for Non-Native Speakers
This practical and accessible guide to academic writing would help undergraduates, postgraduates, te..
Analisis Strategik Dasar Pendidikan
Pendidikan berkualiti adalah wahana yang paling berkesan bagi mempengaruhi pembangunan diri individu..
Bilingualism Its Relationship With Intelligence and Academic Achievement
The quest for excellence in teaching and learning within the school milieu, has revealed among other..
Conversations in Mathematics
This work is a collective effort of a group of dedicated staff of the Institute of Mathematical Scie..
Dilema Kehidupan Sebenar dalam Pendidikan Moral
Dilema moral kehidupan sebenar adalah konflik yang dihadapi oleh individu dalam kehidupan seharian m..
Dunia Digital Pengajian Alam Melayu
Dunia Digital Pengajian Alam Melayu merupakan kupasan dan perbincangan mengenai pembangunan portal P..
Education and Nation Formation in Malaysia: A Structural Analysis
Education and Nation Formation in Malaysia: A Structural Analysis is a study about how education in ..
Educational Management in Malaysia
Government Transformation Programme (GTP) focused on expanding access to affordable and quality educ..
Efektif Bahasa Melayu Asas
Buku ini memperkenalkan modul dan komponen pengajaran dan pembelajaran bahasa Melayu asas yang efekt..
Efektif Bahasa Melayu Pertengahan
Sebahagian besar pelajar luar negara yang tinggal di Malaysia untuk tempoh tiga hingga empat tahun b..
English in a Globalised Environment Investigating on Emerging Variety of English
This book is a contribution by the staff of the Englis..
English in Southeast Asia: Prospects, Perspectives and Possibilities
This volume comprises of papers selected from the 8th English in Southeast Asia conference organized..