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A Tropically Adapted Green and Energy-Efficient Building: How to Create Your Own Triple Green Sustainable House
Since 2009, Malaysia’s construction sector has increasingly introduced some green and energy-effici..
Amalan Reka Bentuk Taman Sensori Berdaya Akses yang Baik
Amalan Reka Bentuk Taman Sensori: Berdaya Akses yang Baik adalah hasil kajian selama sepuluh tahun, ..
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Building Elements Anatomy for Quantity Surveyors
Buildings are built from long ago but the difference with the current building is the technology. Ea..
Building Measurement and Analysis: The Experience from China
This book is very special because it is borne out of the experience of the author and the team from ..
Cluster Innovation Development in Malaysia
Work on cluster development and innovation recognises the proximity interactions between historical ..
Delay and Payment Issues in Construction Projects
A construction project is normally recognised as successful when the aim of the project is achieved..
Fire Safety: Audit of Buildings
This book is based on the authors work in fire safety audit of buildings in China, Malaysia and Indo..
Land Development on Highland Areas: Malaysia and Hong Kong
This book focuses on land development on highland areas. It discusses land use planning, laws and r..
Land Use Dynamics and Governance in Sungai Selangor Watershed
Watersheds have been widely recognized as the best scale at which to govern water. At the geographi..
Loading Structure
Loading structures is one of the most significant stages in structural design procedures. Considerat..
Maturity Model for Information Technology in Construction Industry
This book revealed the right formula to make the Information Technology implementation succeed in an..
Monitoring and Decision Making in the Construction Industry
This book discusses construction monitoring tools and their applications. The purpose of this book i..
Mubin Sheppard and Pionering Works in Architectural Conservation in Malaysia
In the last four decades, a conscious appreciation of architectural conservation has been establish..
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Professional Ethics in the Construction Industry
The repercussions of unethical conduct in the construction industry are serious and wide-ranging. B..
Project Learning in Construction
If you are looking for a book focusing on project learning in construction rather than entire organi..